2024 Water Treatment Plant Chemicals

Project No:  16-815-91

Location:  Robinson Township, Allegheny County, PA

Owner:  The Municipal Authority of the Township of Robinson

Manager:  Leo Gismondi

ContractorBid Amount
The Municipal Authority of the Township of Robinson
4200 Campbells Run Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15205
Shannon Chemical Corporation
P.O. Box 376
Malvern, PA 19355
740 Enterprise Drive
Lexington, KY 40510
Univar Solutions USA, Inc.
929 Nelson Place
Trenton, OH 45067
SAL Chemical Co., Inc.
3036 Birch Drive
Weirton, WV 26062
Carus, LLC
315 Fifth Street
Peru, IL 61354
PVS Chemicals
10900 Harper Avenue
Detroit, MI 48213
Liquid Chlorine$1.54 lb. – CITCO
Sodium Hypochlorite$0.25 lb. – SAL
$0.25 lb. – CITCO
$0.29 lb. – Univar
Hydrofluosilicic Acid$0.39 lb. – SAL
$0.41 lb. – CITCO
Powdered Activated Carbon$1.20 lb. – SAL
$1.625 lb. – CITCO
Caustic Soda$0.24 lb. – SAL
$0.24 lb. – Univar
$0.28 lb. – CITCO
Road Salt$677.50 (Pallet) – SAL
Soda Ash$0.35 lb. – SAL
$0.36 lb. – CITCO
$0.435 – Univar
Soda Ash – Bulk$0.25 lb. – SAL
$0.2579 – Univar
Sodium Permanganate$1.35 lb. – SAL
$1.57 lb. – Shannon
$1.74 lb. – CITCO
$1.75 lb. – Univar


Bid Advertisement

Sealed Bids are requested by The Municipal Authority of the Township of Robinson (M.A.T.R.) at the Authority Building, 4200 Campbells Run Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15205-1304 until 3:15 P.M. prevailing time, Thursday, May 2, 2024 for furnishing various chemicals for its Water Treatment Plant and Sewage Treatment Plants. Bids will be opened publicly and read aloud immediately after 3:15 P.M. on that date.

Copies of the Bid Documents may be examined at the office of The Municipal Authority of the Township of Robinson, 4200 Campbells Run Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15205 or at NIRA Consulting Engineers, Inc., 950 Fifth Avenue, Coraopolis, PA  15108.  Copies thereof may be obtained from the office of M.A.T.R. or NIRA Consulting Engineers, Inc. without charge.  Bids must be submitted on the forms provided, and completed in strict accordance with the instructions provided.  Each Bid must be accompanied by a Bid Bond, in the form of a Certified Check or Corporate Surety Bid Bond, in the amount of ten percent (10%) of the Bid Proposal made in the favor of The Municipal Authority of the Township of Robinson.

A Performance Bond, in the amount of 100% of the Contract Price, will be required of the successful Bidder.

No Bid or any part thereof shall be withdrawn by Bidder for a period of sixty (60) days subsequent to the Bid Opening.

The right is reserved by the undersigned to reject any and/or all Bids, totally or in part, or to waive any irregularities or informalities in any Bid.

Project Scope

The Municipal Authority of the Township of Robinson is soliciting proposals for various chemicals for its water and sewage treatment plants.

Bid Schedule

Item No.DescriptionUnit Price (Per Pound)


An estimated 5,400 # of Liquid Chlorine delivered in 150 lb. cylinders in shipments of 8 to 9 cylinders.



An estimated 240,000 # of Sodium Hypochlorite solution delivered in bulk and pumped into two (2) 2,000 gal. tanks.



An estimated 13,000 # of Hydrofluosilicic Acid delivered in 55 gal. drums in shipments of 14 drums or in 250 or 330 gal. tote tanks in shipments of 3 to 4 containers.



An estimated 4,000 # of Powdered Activated Carbon delivered in 50 lb. bags in shipments of 90 bags.



An estimated 128,000 # of Caustic Soda delivered in bulk and pumped into two (2) 500 gal. upright tanks.



Road Salt 50 lb. Bags:  An estimated 90 bags delivered on 2 pallets.



An estimated 120,000 # of Del Pac 2020 Polyaluminum Hydroxychlorosulfate solution delivered in bulk and pumped into three (3) 550 gal. tanks. 



Soda Ash 50 lb. Bags: Delivery shall be made to the Covi-Douglas WWTP and the Campbells Run STP as 50 lb. bags on wooden skid pallets Estimates 2,600 bags per year at Campbells Run and 1,560 bags per year at Covi-Douglas. The total annual use of 208,000 lbs. is estimated.



Bulk-Dense Soda Ash:  Minimum loads expected are 46,000 lbs. of dense (65 lb./cu. ft.) Soda Ash which will be delivered to the Moon Run STP plant site and blown into the silo feed system.  With annual use of 146,000 lbs. estimated, the owner anticipates 4-5 deliveries per year.



An estimated 49,000 lbs. of Sodium Permanganate Solution delivered in bulk and pumped into one (1) 1,100 gal. tank.


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