In the fields of Traditional Land Survey and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping Development, NIRA Consulting Engineers, Inc. maintains innovative equipment and techniques to provide our clients with the most precise and practical finished products for their project. From completion of a single, residential lot survey, to the development of a formal commercial Land Subdivision, to the production of GIS Mapping with integrated inspection data, NIRA will work with clients to refine their needs. NIRA’s vast knowledge and attention to detail ensures that a final deliverable product is prepared to their specifications.

  • Boundary

  • Subdivision

  • Topography

  • Construction

  • Geodetic Control

  • Photogrammetric Mapping Control

  • Global Positioning System (GPS)

  • Hazardous Site

  • Environmental

  • Deformation

  • Flood Elevation Certificates

  • Easement Plans

  • Right-of-way Dedication/Vacation Plans

Other Services:

Geographic Information Systems

Land Development

Municipal Engineers

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